L-Galaxies, Munich Galaxy Formation Model

Projects & People

  1. Development
  2. The development branch is now in the LGalaxies GitHub repository:

    Current Best Fit output for the model with Hen15+Rings+ChemEnrich (files 40-79):

    Output Structure: LGalaxies_struct.py

    Input files:

    My_Makefile_options: My_Makefile_options

    Results for alternative run with Blitz & Rosolowsky 2006 H2 formation plots.pdf

  3. Projects
  4. 1. Resolved galaxy properties, with detailed chemical enrichment, in realistic galaxies
    Bruno Henriques (brunohe@phys.ethz.ch), Rob Yates, Fu Jian, Qi Guo, Guinevere Kauffmann, Peter Thomas, Simon White
    Look at: SMF, Colours and SFR, Sizes, Morphology, Gas content, Gradients (simple: Milky-way SFR, HI and H2 and gas metallicity?), Total Metals, high-z, alpha/Fe?

    2. Gradients
    Rob Yates (robyates@mpe.mpg.de), Bruno Henriques, Fu Jian, Guinevere Kauffmann, Peter Thomas
    Look at: Zg, SFR, alpha/Fe, age and compare with the latest observations.

    3. The evolution of the MZR from z~3 to the present day
    Rob Yates (robyates@mpe.mpg.de), Bruno Henriques, Fu Jian, Guinevere Kauffmann, Peter Thomas
    Check the evolution, make predictions for JWST?

    4. Dust Modelling
    Scott Clay, Peter Thomas, Bruno Henriques, Rob
    Self consistent treatment of dust creation and destruction.

    5. AGN heating/cooling
    Benoit Fournier, Peter Thomas, Bruno Henriques, Rob Yates
    New model for AGN heating and winds. Main goal is to get the right hot gas fraction, BH mass evo and X-ray LF of individual galaxies

    6. Mock catalogs for HI/CO - Fu (To be done with Fu2013, ALSO NEW MODEL?)
    Compare with HI survey by radio telescopes, especially for FAST telescope.

    7. Explaining HI/CO trends - Fu (To be done with Fu2013, ALSO NEW MODEL?)
    HI size-mass relation, the origin of very HI rich galaxies (HIghMass galaxies), and the CO survey data from JINGLE project

    8. properties of some nearby local galaxies - Fu
    Focus on properties of HI gas (TRY TO USE CATERPILLAR HALOES? - Aquarius like but with 100 haloes)

    9. (stellar) metallicity distributions in local dwarf galaxies - Y
    possibly with Catapillar haloes, or MS-II

    10. X-ray emission - Fu
    ***Look at overlap with Peter's and Prakriti's ideas.

    11. M*-age-[a/Fe]-[Fe/H] relation for ETGs - Y

    12. quenching mechanisms for *isolated* lower-mass galaxies - YH

    13. Lensing
    Malin Renneby, Stefan Hilbert, Bruno Henriques, Simon White, Marcel van Daalen

    14. MRObs
    Roderik Overzier, Gerard Lemson, Bruno Henriques, Simon White

    Ben Hoyle, Bruno Henriques, Simon Lilly, Larry Sin

    16. L-Galaxies in high-resolution, Milky-way type halos, from the Caterpillar project
    Brendan Griffen, Greg Dooley, Facundo Gomez, Bruno Henriques, Rob Yates