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The Millennium Run Observatory (MRObs) Project

Simulations of galaxy evolution aim to capture our current understanding as well as to make predictions for testing by future experiments. Simulations and observations are often compared in an indirect fashion: physical quantities are estimated from the observational data and compared to models. However, many applications can benefit from a more direct approach, where the observing process is also simulated, so that the models are seen fully from the observer's perspective. To facilitate this, we have developed the Millennium Run Observatory (MRObs), a theoretical virtual observatory which uses virtual telescopes to `observe' semi-analytic galaxy formation simulations based on the suite of Millennium Run (MR) dark matter simulations. The MRObs produces data that can be processed and analyzed using the standard observational software packages developed for real observations. At present, we produce images in forty filters covering the rest-frame UV to infrared for two stellar population synthesis models, for three different models of absorption by the intergalactic medium, and in two cosmologies (WMAP1 and 7). Galaxy distributions for a large number of mock light-cones can be `observed' using models of major ground- and space-based telescopes. The data include lightcone catalogues linked to structural properties and model observation maps, as well as mock images and catalogues emulating the SDSS, CFHT-LS, DES, GOODS, ERS, CANDELS, UDF, and COSMOS surveys. Through the MR Web Portal, a publicly accessible tool facilitates exploration of the simulated images and access to many associated data products, including dark matter halo catalogues, semi-analytic galaxy catalogues, lightcone catalogues, and photometric catalogues from Source Extractor. (abstract taken from Overzier, Lemson et al. 2012)


MRObs framework and MRObs data:
Overzier, Lemson, et al. "The Millennium Run Observatory: First Light", 2012, MNRAS, in press. (arXiv:1206.6923v2, high resolution paper here)

MRObs lightcones with structural properties and IGM tables in the MRDB:
Overzier et al. 2012, MNRAS, in press

Semi-analytic models:
wmap1: Guo et al. 2011, MNRAS, 412, 101
wmap7: Guo et al. 2012, MNRAS, submitted (arXiv:1206.0052)

Henriques et al. 2012, MNRAS 421, 2904

Millennium Run Database:
Lemson & the Virgo Consortium, astro-ph/0608019 Lemson & Springel 2006, ASPC, 351, 212

Dark matter simulations:
Millennium Run Simulations: Springel et al. 2005, Nature, 435, 629
Millennium-II Simulations: Boylan-Kolchin et al. 2009, MNRAS, 398, 1150
Millennium XXL simulations: Angulo et al. 2012, MNRAS, submitted (arXiv:1203.3216)

Other Tools:
MoMaF: Blaizot et al. 2005, MNRAS, 360, 159
Skymaker: Bertin et al. 2009, MmSAI, 80, 422
Sextractor: Bertin & Arnouts 1996, A&AS, 117, 393
STIFF: Bertin 2012, in Proceedings of the ADASS XXI, P.Ballester and D.Egret editors, in press
Cosmological scaling method: Angulo & White, 2010, MNRAS, 405, 143


When using data from the MRObs we would appreciate the acknowledgement (eg. "This work made use of data provided by the Millennium Run Observatory.")