Millennium Workshop 2012

17-19 December 2012, MPA, Garching, Germany


As you may have noticed, the list of arXiv entries which directly use Millennium Simulation data ( has just passed the 500 paper level. To mark this, to inform you about planned extensions of the content and functionality of the MS databases and associated services, and to get feedback from the user community about these new developments, as well as suggestions for others which could be useful, we are organising a three-day workshop at the MPA in Garching on December 17-19 2012.
There will be no registration fee for this meeting and we may be able to assist some participants with local costs if need arises. The program will include
  • talks from participants illustrating their own use of MS data
  • presentations of current and planned databases and services
  • discussion of desirable new functionality
  • discussion of areas where current models fail to fit observation
  • fora for feedback about the performance of current services


The Workshop is going to start on Monday by 09:00 am.
The Registration Desc will be open from 08:30 am on, there you can register and get your badges.
On registration please let us know whether you are going to also join the dinner on Tuesday evening.

MPA W-LAN Laptop Registration

In case you want to use the MPA's W-LAN with your own laptop, you will need to register the laptop with the MPA system administration.
We will take care for you of this - the only thing we'd need from you therefore is your laptop's MAC-address.
See here for help finding out your MAC address.

Program + Slides

Please refer to our dedicated program page where also the presentations slides can be found.

Meeting Location

The meeting will be held at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (MPA) in Garching, Germany.
The meeting room is room 006, in the basement of the MPA.
The Institute is situated on the TUM campus, in Garching, north of Munich.
Please see the Travel Information links below, or the MPA Travel Directions page respecively.

Travel Information & Accommodation

Please see the MPA Travel Directions page.
Most our visitors are accommodated in one of this three hotels: All three hotels are placed in Garching (town).

Directions to the Institute

The Institute is located on the TUM Campus, referred to as "Forschungszentrum Garching" (Research Center Garching).
The campus has an own subway station ("U6: Garching-Forschungszentrum") by which it can be reached best.
From Garching town, subway station "U6: Garching", it is only one station to go, a < 2 min. drive.
The U-Bahn station "U6: Garching" is located right in the center of Garching, directly at the city square; see maps below.
  • take the subway "U6" direction "Garching-Forschungszentrum"
  • get off at the end stop and exit the subway: rear-facing, direction "MPA, MPE, MPQ, ESO"
  • the "Karl-Schwarzschild-Stra├če" meets the "Boltzmannstra├če" at its south-east end (MPA building is opposite of ESO)
Campus Forschungszentrum Garching,
subway station U6: Garching-Forschungszentrum to Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics:
find also on Google Maps:


The Dinner will be on Tuesday (Dec. 18th) evening at:
Weisses Bräuhaus
Tal 7
80331 Munich
Starting at about 19:30 h.
Reservation on name "White".