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Galformod Credits

You are welcome to use the resources on this web portal for your own scientific purposes without further consultation with the Galformod team or the scientists who generated them. If you do so and in order to acknowledge Galformod's support in constructing this facility, we would appreciate inclusion of the following sentence(s) referenced below in the 'Acknowledgements' section of papers which make significant use of our resources.
Each of our web services has its own dedicated About- & Credit-Page where you can find the accordant information and details.

Simulation Databases and TAP Services

Please see the dedicated About- & Credit-Pages of our Simulation Databases and TAP web services:

Millennium Run Observatory

Please see the dedicated About- & Credit-Page of our Millennium Run Observatory (MROBs) web service.

Computing Portals

Please see the dedicated About- & Credit-Pages of our Computing Portal web services: